Workout Planner

Personal Trainer in Your Phone.

YourPlan Fitness was designed to give everyone access to a high-quality personal trainer, with the ease of simply opening your phone.

In the app, pick one of the goals below and YourPlan’s workout planner will help you accomplish it.

Maintain Proper Form


YourPlan’s FormCheck not only demonstrates exercises, but allows you to upload a video of your form to compare to the form of an expert.

Exercise Instructions

Going hand-in-hand with FormCheck, YourPlan outlines every exercise in detail to guarantee your form is perfect to prevent injury and target muscles.

Complete Customization.

Replace Feature

If you are unable to perform or don’t like a certain exercise, YourPlan’s replace feature lets you swap out that exercise for another one that targets that same muscle group.

YourPlan Fitness Workout Planner App - Edit Exercise

Easy Editing

Change things up by adding one of our pre-made workout templates or create your own by simply swapping out exercises for different ones.

All The Information You Need

Learn Feature

When working out, it’s important to understand what you’re doing. YourPlan teaches you all the important facts to better assist your workouts.

Detailed Muscle Groups

Building your dream body requires you to target specific areas. YourPlan breaks down the standard muscle groups into distinct segments.

YourPlan Fitness would love if you were one of the first people to try the easy-to-use, fact based personal trainer app.

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