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Science-Backed Meal Planner

Nutrition plays such a big role in accomplishing fitness goals, yet so many people focus solely on working out. YourPlan Fitness’s meal planner makes sure that you are covered on both sides, to make your dream body a reality. 

The key to achieving your fitness goals is eating the correct amount of:

Based on several factors, YourPlan provides a science-backed guide on how many of each you need.

Take Control of Your Nutrition.

Thousands of Recipes

YourPlan Fitness has a database with thousands of recipes, so everyone can find meals that they enjoy while helping them reach their daily macro needs.

Emphasis on Planning

It’s so hard to accomplish your goals when simply reacting to what you eat. YourPlan flips the focus to proactive planning so you can fully take control of your daily nutrition.

Make Meal Planning Easy.

The hardest part about meal planning is doing all the math required to get your required macronutrients and figuring out all ingredients necessary for your recipes. YourPlan’s meal planner makes this complicated process easier with the following features:

Nutrition Calculator

YourPlan adds up all of the macronutrients from your recipes to allow you to easily view and select recipes that will complete your nutrition plan.

YourPlan Fitness App Meal Planner

Grocery List

After you have selected your recipes for the week, YourPlan takes all the ingredients from your recipes and puts them in a list to make shopping easier.

YourPlan Fitness Grocery List App

Tailored to You.


YourPlan’s meal planner replace feature lets you swap out recipes you aren’t crazy about and recommends recipes with similar macro ratios.

Dislikes, Allergies, Restrictions

In the app, select ingredients you dislike, are allergic to or your dietary restrictions. These recipes won’t be included in your searches or recommendations.

YourPlan Fitness would love if you were one of the first people to try the easy-to-use, fact based personal trainer app.

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