Fitness Tracking

YourPlan Fitness Workout Planner and Meal Planner App - Tracking


Easily keep yourself on top of your fitness by filling out YourPlan’s daily fitness tracking checklist. This list includes whether or not you worked out, ate according to your meal plan, uploaded a progress photo, or entered your weight.


Keep track of which checklist elements were filled in on the exact day performed with YourPlan’s fitness calendar.

Easy Tracking

Progress Photos

Easily upload photos of your body progress so you can go back and view how far you have come from a certain date.

Finish Workout

After you finish your workout, simply click the finish workout button, and YourPlan will automatically log your workout for you.

Stay Motivated

YourPlan’s fitness tracking is set up specifically so checklist items increase focus on your goals. This put progress directly within your control. In addition, it breaks goals down into increments, making them realistically attainable. 

Focused on Progress

Share Your Progress

YourPlan’s fitness tracking provides easily exportable side-by-side photo comparisons that you can either download or share with just the press of a button.

Progress Increments

See how far you have come at various time intervals by selecting a specific progress period. After you click a period, YourPlan provides a side by side comparison of your progress photos from two dates.

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