YourPlan Fitness may seem like a very simple name, but when you really break it down, well- it is. 


From the beginning, the focus of this app has been and always will be on each individual who uses it. If any kind of plan is tailored to you, you should be the focus at all times. 


This idea behind YourPlan is that educated planning is the best way to stay organized and make sure your hard work is actually getting you closer to that goal.


the condition of being fit and healthy

All too commonly, fitness is simply associated with the act of working out. In reality, to achieve your ideal physical  state, it takes both working out and nutrition.

YourPlan focuses on this complete physical fitness method to help you achieve body and performance goals. This approach ultimately contributes strongly to overall mental health as well.


With so much information about fitness and nutrition out on the internet, it’s difficult to determine what is accurate without shelling out a fortune on personal trainers. 

YourPlan Fitness looks to provide a simple process to develop a workout plan and meal plan, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals on your own time in the most efficient way possible.



With a team complete with of kinesiology students, former university athletes and software developers, YourTeam is simply passionate about fitness. YourTeam has been involved with fitness for years and created this app to share acquired knowledge with users as well as to develop software that makes workout and meal planning much easier.


Have a question, concern or even just a suggestion on how the app could be improved? Fill out the form below to leave us a message, YourTeam would love to hear from you and will respond as soon as possible!